We build new products and businesses

Our team of innovation and product experts will guide your team through a structured process leveraging our toolkits and approach to help you create, test and bring radical new products to market in an accelerated fashion.

Sylon provides a full path from idea to market

How it works

"We need new product ideas!"

The Sylon Ideation Sprint helps you define new product ideas. Our structured ideation process surfaces, defines and refines innovative concepts into propositions for further exploration and evaluation.

"What idea do we invest in?"

The Sylon Validation Sprint transforms a high-level product idea or concept into a credible proposition. We help you identify a business model, conduct technical feasibility analysis, and test if the concept is compelling to real customers.

"We want to move to MVP rapidly"

The Sylon Factory allows you to move your validated proposition to MVP product faster by leveraging our suite of common pre-built software components, best-in-class scalable environments, and engineering resources.

"We need business agility"

The Sylon Build to Buy model allows you to scale the validated product by building an independent company to develop the concept outside of constraints of your organisation. With the option to buy the start up back at pre-defined price if it’s successful.

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