done better.

Sylon is a new kind of innovation enablement business that specializes in helping large companies discover, develop and launch disruptive new products and services.

We drive innovation

We understand the challenges that large successful companies face with innovation. Discovering compelling new products is not easy or without risks. Dedicating scarce resources to unproven products is challenging. And to succeed, innovative products require the agility of a start up and best in class technology, not the constraints of large organization and its legacy systems. Sylon offers a suite of products and services to meet these challenges.

What we offer

Consulting Services

Our multi-disciplinary team will guide you through a structured process to discover new ideas and help turn them into investable propositions to take forward.

Technology Products

Our technology allows you to build a production-grade pilot platform with reusable components to accelerate your path to market.

Build to Buy

Our new model of corporate innovation allows you to create independent start up entities that explore and scale new concepts free from the constraints of a large organization…. with the option to buy the start-up back, if it’s successful, at a pre agreed price.

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